Benefits of an Automatic Chlorinator

Installing an automatic chlorinator is a very easy and efficient way to sanitize your pool.  It has many advantages compared to putting pucks in your skimmer.  Automatic chlorinators are inexpensive and comes with a large dial valve control, which allows you to regulate the amount of chlorine that gets released into your pool.  It can easily be installed into your existing equipment setup with the purchase of an off-line chlorinator and it’s installed after the heater, so you don’t have a high concentration of chlorine running through your equipment.  The problem we find with putting pucks in the skimmer is that customers turn their pump off during the day to save on electricity costs or have their pumps on a timer that shuts the pump off during the day.   When you have a high concentration of chlorine sitting in your skimmer and the water is not circulating, this can cause wrinkles in your liner at the skimmer and when you do eventually turn your pump back on, that high concentration of chlorine running through your equipment will cause damage to it over time, reducing the lifespan of your equipment.

At Bremner Pool & Spa, we sell the Hayward Chlorinator.  It can be installed in an in-line or off-line configuration, depending on your equipment setup.  These units are low-cost, comes with a large dial control valve which allows you to easily control the feed rate and a chemical resistant viton seal.

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