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Before you open your swimming pool: making necessary repairs

It’s always a good idea to ensure all necessary swimming pool repairs are completed prior to the official opening of your swimming pool. This includes repairing any cracks or other problems with the surrounding patio, checking for leaks and making sure your swimming pool equipment, like filters and pumps, are in good working order. Being proactive about swimming pool repairs before opening your pool can prevent an unwelcome interruption to your family’s summer enjoyment and backyard entertainment.

Having repairs conducted on a public or recreational center swimming pool before it opens for the summer is also especially important: during last summer’s record-breaking heat wave in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), several public swimming pools were closed for weeks at a time while undergoing mid-summer repairs or maintenance – it made the newspapers, and people looking to beat the heat weren’t too happy.

Steps homeowners can take before opening their swimming pool:

  • Make sure that all debris left over from the fall and winter months is removed from the top of the pool and the surrounding area, and that the cover has been allowed to dry before storing it for the summer.
  • Take a moment to inspect your swimming pool chemicals and supplies to make sure there are no leaking containers and that no chemicals or testing materials have expired over the winter.

How a professional swimming pool company can help:

Swimming pool companies can help you inspect your pool liner for rips, tiny tears and any leaks.  Depending on the type of pool you have, tiny cracks may be either completely normal or a serious problem.
Note: some cracks can’t be seen by the naked eye: professional swimming pool companies are specially trained to look for signs of a leak and identify the cause.

Swimming pool companies can also look for wear and tear on your pool equipment, pumps and filters that would otherwise prevent them from running optimally, and make any necessary repairs before the summer starts.

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