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Durham Region

“ I have a salt pool “

Many a times when we ask customers the type of sanitation system they have on their pool, the answer we receive is “I have a salt pool.” A lot of customers are not aware of how exactly a salt system really works and the fact that it’s actually generating chlorine.  Your pool requires a sanitizer…

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The Poolsaver REBATE Program for 2019

The Pool saver Hydro Rebate program has expanded greatly over past year with more utilities coming on board.  Over the past year, the following utilities are now offering the rebate: Veridian Connections & Hydro One in addition to Toronto Hydro who is still part of the program.  These utilities are offering customers a $400 REBATE…

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Pool Liner Maintenance Tips

At Bremner Pool & Spa, we have over 30 years of experience installing and repairing pool vinyl liners.  It’s become our bread and butter!  Every summer, we go out to visit customers who are experiencing problems with their liners that could have been avoided by following proper maintenance procedures.  Based on our experience, here are…

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Ground water and the effect on Swimming Pools

The spring of 2017 has turned out to be one of the wettest in recent memory.  For most pool owners, there is little effect, however some pools have drainage problems and depending on their construction, can cause damage.  In-ground vinyl liner pools will develop what looks to be puffiness under the liner. What is actually…

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Do I need to put a winter cover on my pool or not?

I recently had a customer come into our office for a quote for some work on their pool that they would like done later this summer.  We started talking and he mentioned that he never puts a winter cover on his pool during the winter and I started to mention the potential consequences of this. …

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