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Pool Services

“ I have a salt pool “

Many a times when we ask customers the type of sanitation system they have on their pool, the answer we receive is “I have a salt pool.” A lot of customers are not aware of how exactly a salt system really works and the fact that it’s actually generating chlorine.  Your pool requires a sanitizer…

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Ground water and the effect on Swimming Pools

The spring of 2017 has turned out to be one of the wettest in recent memory.  For most pool owners, there is little effect, however some pools have drainage problems and depending on their construction, can cause damage.  In-ground vinyl liner pools will develop what looks to be puffiness under the liner. What is actually…

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Swimming Pool Inspections

If you are looking to purchase a new home with a pool, we would recommend hiring a Pool Professional to fully inspect the swimming pool and equipment , just as you would hire a home inspector when you purchase a new home. Having a pool inspection done will either tell you if the pool is in…

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10 Tips For Keeping Your Pool In Tip-Top Shape This Summer

10. If you don’t maintain your pool properly, you could cut the lifespan in half. Or, if you don’t maintain it at all, you could be cutting it down to a quarter.   9. A pool pump could consume up to half of a home’s entire energy output. With new pool system technology currently overlapping…

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