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The Poolsaver REBATE Program for 2019

The Pool saver Hydro Rebate program has expanded greatly over past year with more utilities coming on board.  Over the past year, the following utilities are now offering the rebate: Veridian Connections & Hydro One in addition to Toronto Hydro who is still part of the program.  These utilities are offering customers a $400 REBATE…

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Pool Liner Maintenance Tips

At Bremner Pool & Spa, we have over 30 years of experience installing and repairing pool vinyl liners.  It’s become our bread and butter!  Every summer, we go out to visit customers who are experiencing problems with their liners that could have been avoided by following proper maintenance procedures.  Based on our experience, here are…

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Weekly Pool Service Packages

Customize your Bremner Pool & Spa Service package today. Summer is right around the corner and pools are starting to be opened up all throughout the neighbourhood. Once temperatures consistently reach above 20°C, your pool is ready to be used for the season. But with the warm temperature a new problem arises: Algae Bremner Pool…

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Swimming Pool Hygiene Primer

When we’re not having violent storms and torrential rainfall, it’s finally been possible to enjoy some great summer weather – and our swimming pools – in the GTA lately. If you’ve got a swimming pool, you’ve no doubt been subjected to a host of hints and maybe not-so-subtle suggestions from people who’d love to help…

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Salt or Chlorine?

Maintaining salt water systems for swimming pools has been around for years but it’s only been relatively recently that the technology has made it easily accessible to your average pool owner. You may have been wondering about it, so let’s take a look at what it can mean to switch from traditional methods of using…

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To Fill in or Repair a Swimming Pool in Scarborough

Toronto is more than a city – it’s a moving target. Scarborough in particular is a rapidly changing area of the GTA. Its population grew by 3X the rate of the city as a whole. That’s a lot of people moving in and moving on. Perhaps you’re looking at properties and there’s one you’ve got…

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Variable Speed Pumps and your swimming pool

In tough economic times, it’s often the things we think of as luxuries that take the first hit. Operating a swimming pool can seem like an unnecessary expense but modern technology is making owning a pool more and more doable. One of the most exciting innovations in pool ownership is the Variable Speed Pump (or…

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Water Balance & Pool Closing

Believe us when we tell you we love summer as much as you do, but the end of our sunny season looms in a matter of weeks. Luckily, the weather has been just beautiful for the most part and there’s been plenty of opportunity to enjoy your home swimming pool this season.

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