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Make your swimming pool safe and secure this summer- part one

The City of Toronto has already experienced one heat advisory this year, and summer has barely even started. As for the rest of the summer, expect it to be dry with near to above normal temperatures and, according to some reports, much hotter than the previous two summers; in other words, ideal swimming pool weather.

To ensure a fun and safe summer, especially for your kids, consider kiddy-proofing your pool.  To find out how, read on:

Proper Pool Fencing
According to Health Canada, the majority of swimming pool accidents that involve children occur because the pool is not fenced all the way around, the gate to the fence may not close properly or be locked at all times, or a child can access the pool through a door from the house, such as a patio door.

The City of Toronto’s swimming pool fence bylaw states that swimming pools must be completely surrounded by a fence. The fence should have a properly locking door or gate, as also recommended by Health Canada.

Adult Supervision
Children should always swim with adult supervision and have a buddy, who can alert the adult if there is trouble.

Swimming Lessons
Swimming lessons are also a very good idea to quickly turn your kids into able-bodied and attentive swimmers.

Pools Safety Covers
Pool safety covers are also available for extra protection. These covers differ from solar blankets (which can entrap children if they fall in) because they are a thicker cover that is secured around the pool, pulled taught to prevent any entanglement or sinking. These safety covers are similar to the covers put on pools in the winter, but are more temporary and can be removed before swimming. Some of these covers are even mechanical, and can be operated using a key with little effort.

Pool Safety Alarms
New technologies are also emerging to better protect your children around the swimming pool. For instance, there are automatic warning systems that detect motion around the pool.

There is also a device called a Safety Turtle, which is a cute, turtle-shaped wristband that resembles a wristwatch. They can be left on the child all day, and will alert parents with an alarm when the device is immersed in fresh water. It’s portable, can travel with you to the cottage or friend’s pools and can even be worn by pets.

More permanent alarms for home swimming pools are also available. These alarms are triggered by loud noises (such as a splash) or by motion around the pool, but keep in mind each device is meant to supplement parental supervision, not replace it.

Ropes and Flotation Devices
Pool safety can also be as simple as using ropes to let swimmers know where the shallow end slopes into the deep end, as well as keeping life rings and other flotation devices around the pool in case someone falls in.  Making pool safety a priority will result in a much more memorable and enjoyable summer.

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