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Opening your swimming pool: It’s almost time!

When is the best time to open your swimming pool?Â

As early as possible. As soon as the snow has melted away and there’s no threat of any more, your pool can open for the season…

Why opening your Toronto swimming pool earlier is better than waitingÂ

Sure, you’re not quite ready to go swimming yet. But opening your pool as early as possible can give you an opportunity to clear up any problems well in advance of swimming season and allow you to start enjoying your pool as soon as it’s warm enough…

One of the main reasons opening your swimming pool early is a great idea is that it sets up your backyard for entertaining that much sooner – you’ll be able to get rid of that ugly cover as well as the green water, dirt and debris left on top of it, and you’ll feel like summer is already here during your next BBQ.

Algae problems are much more likely to occur if the outside temperatures warm up while the pool cover is still on. By removing the cover earlier in the spring, you’ll be able to prevent this increased algae growth. Waiting even one month longer can result in a huge algae problem: the hot sun helps algae thrive.

Another issue that can affect those who wait too long to open their swimming pools is pollen.

Yet another reason it pays to open your pool early is the likelihood of great sales at your local pool supply store. It’s not uncommon to see big sales this time of year as the stores have to make room for all of the new swimming pool merchandise for the season: it’s a great way to pick up extra swimming pool chemicals, supplies and even toys for less.

One more reason? This is Toronto. Mother nature doesn’t follow anyone’s rules, and temperatures can be high enough to go for a nice swim earlier in the year – even in April. By getting ready to open up sooner, you’ll have clean and clear water in time to take advantage of your pool during these hot days – much to the envy of your neighbours.

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