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Pool Maintenance and the Environment

More and more, people are concerned with the environment when it comes to every aspect of their lives. In the City of Toronto, Swimming Pool guidelines updated a few years ago affect your pool’s weekly maintenance along with season opening and closing.

Specifically, the City of Toronto has set strict guidelines for the chemical readings of the water that you may discard on city streets or in storm sewers.  Those “guidelines” do carry a bite – pool owners may be fined if the water they discharge onto the street doesn’t comply with the maximum reading guidelines.

How this affects you will depend on your pool and the systems you’re using.

If you use chlorine:

  • At opening, the water on a regular pool cover can be pumped out to the street since it’s chemical free
  • If you use a safety cover, we will have to test the chlorine level of the water and use de-chlorination tablets if necessary before we pump it out
  • At closing, we’ll also use use de-chlorination equipment which neutralizes the water so we can dispose of it
  • In terms of weekly maintenance, if your backwash goes to the storm sewer, you will also have to use a filter and install a de-chlorinator

If you have a salt pool:

  • With a regular cover, we can pump the water onto the street
  • For closing or your weekly backwash, the city won’t accept this water into storm sewers and there’s no way to desalinate

Obviously this last point raises a key issue.  How do you close your pool or do a simple weekly backwash?


  • Hook up your backwash line to the sanitary sewer – although this can be expensive and tricky
  • Lower your water level with a small submersible pump and send the water to a laundry sink or sanitary line – this can be slower and may be cumbersome, but it’s safe
  • If you can’t access a sanitary drain line, in terms of your regular backwash, replacing your sand filter with a cartridge filter system may be your only option

Cartridge filters are preferable under the new guidelines and for environmental reasons – you don’t need to backwash and will produce no wastewater. Problem solved. The water in your pool will also be cleaner since they filter finer than sand.

You’ll find theses and other tips that take the city’s guidelines into account in our Best Water Practices document.

Professional Pool Advice -Weekly Maintenance

At Bremner Pools, our experienced pool installers can offer advice on these or any other pool maintenance issues – or better yet, a weekly maintenance package that gives you peace of mind knowing your pool is being operated with best practices both for you and the environment – and the City of Toronto’s guidelines.

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