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Pool Opening Do’s and Don’ts

Finally! The sun is getting warmer every day and pool season is in the air.

When it comes to opening your pool for the season, here at Bremner Pools we offer a two day process that begins with general cleaning of the area and pool cover removal, water analysis and chlorination, vacuuming and more to put your pool in tip top shape for you to enjoy all summer long.

Even though there’s a lot Bremner Pool And Spa includes in the pool opening process, there are many things you can do to help get ready. Here are some Do’s and and a couple of Don’ts.


  • Remove any anti-freezing device, rubber freeze plugs, Gizmos or other similar devices.
  • Put the filtration system together, clean out the baskets and remove any plugs you may have installed at closing in the fall.
  • We’ll remove, clean and fold your pool cover, so your only job here is to make sure that you store it away safely so that it’s still clean and in good condition when you’ll need it again next fall.
  • Do check any handrails or ladders before installation for damage or corrosion.
  • Hot Tip: applying a little car wax to stainless steel railings or ladders can help stave away corrosion.
  • Check the diving board, making sure the non-skid surface is intact and that there are no stress cracks. A cracked diving board needs to be replaced, but you should be able to refinish any smooth or worn spots on the surface if that’s the only issue.
  • Get a professional to start up your pool heater. At Bremner, you’re assured that a licensed gas fitter is doing the job safely and efficiently.


  • Do not empty the pool – if there is a high water table underneath, the pool can actually lift out of the ground without the weight of the water holding it down. Instead, you’ll want to add enough water to bring it back up to the desired level.
  • Do not pump the water off  your cover too early as this may allow water to enter under your liner and may also pump extra water from under your cover if you pump too slowly as water will filter through a porous cover .
  • Even after the pool’s been cleaned and the chemistry adjusted, don’t jump in until the water is actually clear. It may need repeated cleanings to be both clean and clear.

Another Hot Tip:
When you clean the tiles or vinyl waterline around the pool, be sure to use a specifically formulated pool tile cleaner and a damp sponge.  Please avoid using any household cleaners, particularly abrasive ones – these typically contain harsh chemicals that can damage your liner and leach into your pool water or the lawn or garden that surrounds your pool.

Opening your pool can teach you something about how to best close your pool in the fall – if you didn’t store things properly or keep things cleared away, now is the time that you’ll find that out. Regular maintenance is key to maximum enjoyment of your swimming pool.

Summer’s short! Get the most out of it by scheduling a convenient pool opening appointment with Bremner Pools now. Contact Bremner Pool & Spa today for swimming pool service, pool opening, swimming pool repairs, safety tips and maintenance. Free Quotes Available.


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