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Pool Safety – Beyond the Basics

Our last blog post looked at some of the safety basics that pool owners in the GTA need to keep in mind. Many of the guidelines are simply common sense – but they always bear repeating. A solid grounding in safety issues is essential before the poolside fun can begin.

Once you’ve covered the basics however, there are additional measures you can take to ensure the safety of you, your family and anyone else who comes into contact with your pool – and whether that contact is intended or not.

Here are some suggestions that can add to your peace of mind:

• Pool Safety Covers – a pool safety cover can literally be a life saver, designed to separate the pool water from any contact, even an unwanted intruder – animal or human. They are engineered to withstand weight and will protect people, pets and even your friendly neighbourhood raccoon. A safety cover can hold the weight of many adults and will handily keep a wandering child out of the water. Some models also include a locking mechanism.

• Access alarms – these will sound if the pool gate is opened.

• Wave alarms and sensors – these act like a motion sensor for your pool or hot tub, letting you known when someone or something has entered the water.

• Kiddie fences – in addition to the four-sided barrier surrounding your pool and property that’s required by Toronto municipal by-laws, you might also think about sectioning your yard into a swimming pool area and a non-swimming pool play area, particularly if you have small children. An additional fence around the play area will ensure that curious little ones can’t wander into the pool.

• First Aid & CPR instruction – it’s worthwhile to know! Educate yourself and all members of your family; quick action saves lives in an emergency and knowing what to do is crucial.

Questions or Concerns?
Our experienced swimming pool technicians can offer you tips and advice on safety issues and help you sort through a range of products designed to make your home swimming pool experience safer for everyone.

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