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Pool Safety Covers

We hate to say it, but the season is coming to an end sooner rather than later. You’ve got loads of time left to enjoy your pool but you might start to think about a simple measure that can make both your closing and next spring’s pool opening easier: the safety cover.

At Bremner Pools, we’ve seen these covers grow in popularity over the last decade or so and there are number of good reasons why:

  • Safety
  • Pool protection
  • Ease of use

Here’s a look at swimming pool safety covers vs. the “old school” style of cover.

The Basics:

  • Traditional cover – it goes on as a tarp that’s draped over the pool and then held in place with plastic tubes filled with water (if you use blocks or other hard materials, they can be pulled inside the pool by weather conditions and may damage the pool or deck)
  • Safety cover – is custom made for the exact shape and measurements of your pool and snaps into place perfectly around it – the cover is taut and held in place with springs that keep it that way

Pool closing installation:

  • Traditional cover – you have to drape the tarp over the pool, fill the water tubes (usually 75-80% full so that there’s room to expand when the water freezes) and then decide where they should best be placed to stay put all winter long
  • Safety cover – snap it into place and you’re done

Maintenance over the winter:

  • Traditional cover – you will have to be vigilant and check regularly for snow, ice and water that can fall or melt on top and siphon it off when necessary
  • Safety cover – zero – it should simply stay in place and is a relatively hard surface so whatever falls on it won’t cause it to sag in towards the water

Pool protection:

  • Traditional cover – provides a basic barrier that may let in debris, dirt and leaves and can also let sunlight enter which will change the chemistry of the water
  • Safety cover – provides a much cleaner barrier that shouldn’t allow debris into your pool water and the newer mesh versions also filter out up to 99% of sunlight so that you can expect to open it in the spring to clean water

Safety issues:

  • Traditional cover – provides no protection to children, pets or even neighbourhood animals that may wander into your yard
  • Safety cover – provides protection for kids and animals – they may get their feet a little wet but they won’t fall in


  • Traditional cover- haphazard, depending on the tarp and its condition – limited colours – the water bags can move and the whole system may be disrupted over the season by weather conditions
  • Safety cover – it stays in place and comes in a range of colour choices – it gives your winter yard a nicely finished look

Best of all, with their growing popularity, there are now Canadian – even local – suppliers for safety pool covers and it has resulted in competitive pricing.  They’re easily installed and removed.

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