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Salt Water Chlorination

Keeping your pool’s chemical balance at optimal levels is a constant element of proper pool maintenance. Over the past few years, salt water chlorination has come to be a popular solution to maintaining sparkling clear water without the stinging eyes and harshness many people associate with swimming pool water. Whether you’re thinking about a new pool or renovating an older one, technological innovations in the last few years make this an option you should seriously consider.

What is Salt Water Chlorination?
First, let’s dispel a myth – salt water chlorination isn’t chlorine-free, as many people imagine. The difference is this: instead of adding chlorine to the water, the system uses a chlorine generator to produce it.

At Bremner Pools, we install and recommend the Aquarite salt water chlorination system. Like other chlorine generators, it will use the process of electrolysis, where a low level charge in the pool water turns salt into liquid chlorine.

While price isn’t one of them, the advantages over the old school method of dumping in chlorine by hand are numerous:

  • No more handling of chlorine!
  • No more chlorine smell in the water
  • No more harsh effect on the skin – the electrolytic process softens the water
  • No more harsh taste – your water is crystal clear, that’s why people think the system is actually chlorine-free

You’ll get the sanitizing effects of chlorine, in other words, without the harsh irritants that come with the traditional methods. Though it takes away the handling part, it doesn’t completely automate all facets of keeping your pool chemicals at the right levels. You’ll still have to:

  • Maintain water balance
  • Check chlorine levels
  • Check salt levels

Key Maintenance
When chlorine levels are low, it’s likely that salt levels are low too. That can come as a result of splash-out or rain dilution, among other things. While salt by itself is a corrosive material and may damage improperly sealed stone or concrete, the concentration is so low that you won’t taste it, and proper maintenance and repairs should be more than adequate to avoid that kind of damage.

The way to keep your system running smoothly is to keep the cell of the generator clean and free of lime and other mineral deposits. That’s very important.

Ask Us
At Bremner Pool & Spa, we have yet to hear from a customer who didn’t love their salt water chlorination system. Our experienced pool installers can offer advice and professional installation whether you’re just considering installing a pool or you’re thinking about pool renovations. We can give you a design that maximizes both safety and style, along with a range of products designed to help keep your family safe, including pool lighting, alarms, covers and more.

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