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Swimming Pool Heater Safety & Use Part 2

Get the Most out of Your Pool Heater
Like any component of a swimming pool system, there is a right way and a not-so-right way to use your pool heater, and there are many things you can do to enhance pool heater safety and efficiency. Here are some good basic ideas:

  • Protect it from the elements – the less that can get into the heater, the fewer problems you’ll have. Models are engineered for outdoor use, however the more sheltered it is from wind and passing debris, the better.
  • Keep it clean. As our Part 1 post explained, the results can be dangerous if blockage happens in the wrong area of a pool heater.
  • Inspect it at least annually for degenerative issues like rust and scaling which can also affect the flow.
  • Disconnect it at the end of the season to protect it – and you.
  • Use a solar pool cover to keep it warm overnight, so you won’t need to reheat as much in the morning.

The Timer
Your pool heater must be equipped with a proper 2 stage timer that’s been chosen for the specific voltage and application. Expert knowledge from trained professionals like the technicians at Bremner Pool Services is important here, because the wrong choice can have serious consequences.

The timer lets you operate the heater efficiently by letting you shut it down when it’s not needed. The pool can be ready and just at the right temperature when you want to use it, and left to its natural temperature the rest of the time.
-It saves you money by using less
-You can program it to shut down during designated “peak times” for use when rates are higher, thereby saving you even more

Some of the things to keep in mind:
-The timers come in 115 or 220 voltage
-Set it for a 4-5 hour range
-hey should be equipped with a “Fireman’s Switch” that shuts off the pool heater about 20 minutes before the filter pump is programmed to shut off.

The latter precaution helps to avoid a number of potential problems. By letting the heater cool down first, it avoids knocking from overheated water and helps to prolong the life of the heater by reducing scale and lime build up.

Mechanical vs. Digital Pool Heater Timers
The first difference you’ll notice between mechanical and digital pool heater timers is the price – mechanical models sell for a half to a third the cost of a digital timer. Here are some other factors to consider:

Both can:
-Protect from freezing

Advantages of Going Digital:
-You can perfectly synch up two or more devices like the pool heater and filter
-Many provide remote operation, meaning you can control it from anywhere
-Ease of use

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