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Swimming Pool Leaks

You’ve opened the pool for the summer and hot weather’s making those sparkling waters seem even more enticing. You fill it up and get the chemical balance right – but then you notice a drop in the water level that just seems like too much. Has your watery oasis sprung a leak?

Swimming pool leaks are no joke, and given our difficult climate that includes extremes of temperature and precipitation, they’re also very common. A hole the size of the tip of a pen can lead to losing hundreds of gallons of water each day, and lead to many other problems.

  • It can skew the chemical balance
  • A small leak can lead to future and more serious structural problems

How do you know?

  • The water level drops faster than you can account for by evaporation or splash-out
  • It may be hard for a new pool owner to gauge, but if it drops more than 10cm routinely overnight, you know there is a problem.
  • Some leaks start small and develop slowly, making them much harder to detect. What you need to do is determine your “normal” water loss over time and then raise a red flag if it’s over that amount without explanation (i.e. unusually hot weather leading to more evaporation).

Other signs:

  • If your pool fills automatically, then your high water bill may be the first indication
  • A sudden or gradual increase in the chemicals required for proper balance
  • Wet areas in the lawn, or areas of unusual growth
  • Cracks or other structural damage to the deck can indicate underground leaks
  • Other sources of leaking pool water can come from leads in the plumbing (i.e. skimmers and main drains).

At Bremner Pools, we’ve been using sonic equipment to detect leaks for more thirty years, including two trucks outfitted with leak detection technology and AQUASCOPE, a device that can pinpoint leaks in the plumbing. LEAKTRACTOR detects leaks in vinyl liners.

What you can do:
If you suspect a leak, there are measures you can take before you call us to make our job – and your leak detection and repair – easier.

  • Mark the level of the pool with the pump running for a 24 hour period, noting the water loss
  • Repeat the process with the pump off.

This will let us know where to look. Leaks can occur in the liner, main drain or concrete shell, or the plumbing.

We know that swimming pool leaks are a source of concern and calling in professional help as soon as possible is your key to getting them looked after as efficiently as possible. Our leak repairs come with a 3-year warranty.

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