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Swimming Pool Lighting

While many components of your home pool environment are dictated by function alone, when it comes to pool lighting, you can let creativity take over at least some of the reins.

Pool lighting has advanced in recent years, and can create a range of different moods and environments. It makes a great way to renovate you pool environment without a big outlay of money or time. Lighting should also be part of any larger swimming pool renovation project.

Colour Considerations

The first thing you should consider is how you and your family use your pool.

  • If you use it often, including night-time swimming, you’ll want to include at least some areas of fairly strong, white lighting for the sake of safety.
  • If you use your pool more as an entertainment area, you can add more coloured and darker lights for atmosphere and ambience.

What colour is your pool surface?

  • White or other light colours reflect colours and light to a greater degree.
  • Darker colours may require more or stronger lights

When it comes to safety:

  • White light travels through the water best, allowing swimmers to see
  • Other colours pass through light at varying degrees – blue, for instance, more so than red

What Kind of Lights?



  • The basic standard is a low voltage bulb, typically 60 watts.
  • These continue to be used to good effect for basic pool lighting

One important advantage of LED over incandescent bulbs is durable – LEDs may last 50,000 hours which can be more than 5X longer than traditional incandescent bulbs

  • There is little heat transfer – the system doesn’t heat up unlike some other systems
  • Lower power consumption makes them a “greener” choice with economic benefits
  • They can be added to a system with incandescent lights to add colour and remote control capabilities

Fiber optic lighting
These systems consist of two components, the illuminator (light source) and fiber optic cable. The illuminator is a box that houses a lamp and colour wheel; the cable inserts into the illuminator and then light travels through the cable

  • Considered very safe – there is no electricity or heat in the cable
  • It’s very flexible as a system
  • Different numbers of strands in the fiber optic cable determine the brightness
  • A fiber optic system can be added on to in the future
  • Rmote control or automated system
  • It is easy to install them for use for underwater lighting as well (LED can be more complicated to install)
  • It’s easy to use for perimeter lighting that loops around the edge of the pool


  • Power consumption is higher than with LED
  • Initial outlay is typically more expensive than LED

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