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Swimming Pools and Small Children: Safety First

Swimming pools are fantastic for family fun, but if you have small children in particular, safety has to be a primary concern.

The statistics are sobering – drowning is a leading cause of injury related death among children under the age of 5, and almost half of those incidents occur in backyard swimming pools (data from www.safekidscanada.ca) . For every tragic death, there are more who are victims of near-drownings which often result in permanent brain damage.

However, with a proper pool and pool area design and maintenance, the whole family can continue to enjoy the benefits of life outdoors and excellent exercise that comes with owning a swimming pool.

Vigilance Comes First
There is no substitute at all for vigilance when it comes to keeping little ones safe around your pool.  There are many other steps you can – and must in some cases – take, but constant supervision is the key.  It takes very little time – and very little water – for a tragedy to occur.

Pool Fencing
Poof fencing, or a secure pool enclosure, is essential. The bylaws will vary from municipality to municipality, but in the City of Toronto, a permit for the pool enclosure has to be in place before any work starts on the pool itself.  A fence or other enclosure must be:

  • At least 1.2 metres high (it can range to 1.8 metres depending on the type of location)
  • Must entirely enclose the pool
  • The fence must be self-closing and equipped with a lockable, self-latching device located on the inside near the top of the gate or on the outside at least 1.5 metres above grade (i.e. above the reach of small children)
  • Kept locked at all times except when the enclosed area is in use.

Other Steps
Of course, there are many other steps you can take. Remember that most accidents happen when kids are walking or playing near the water – not while swimming

  • Non-slip deck surfaces
  • Keep deck clear of debris
  • Do not use glass around the pool – use plastic cups, etc.
  • If your family swims at night, light the area so that the bottom of the pool is clearly visible
  • An underwater pool alarm
  • A hard pool cover that is motorized
  • Anti-trapment drain covers that ensure no one gets caught

At Bremner Pools, we can offer advice and a range of products designed to help keep your family safe, including pool lighting, alarms, covers and more. Our experienced pool installers can offer advice and professional installation. If you’re just considering installing a pool, we can give you a design that maximizes safety and takes you and your family’s needs into account.

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