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Swimming Pool Safety and You – Part 2

In the majority of residential swimming pools and swimming areas, adults are usually placed in charge of supervising swimmers. And, while most swimming pool safety literature is geared towards the supervision of younger swimmers, it’s important to also consider the safety of adults. Swimming Lessons for Adults? In Canada, over 400 lives are lost annually…

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Swimming Pool Safety and You – Part 1

Swimming Pool Safety and You – Part 1 Summer sure feels like it’s here already with near record-breaking temperatures and rising humidity across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). If you haven’t opened your swimming pool yet, you likely will soon. Swimming pool safety is an important part of owning a pool and following safety protocols…

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The Safe Storage of Swimming Pool Chemicals

The Safe Storage of Swimming Pool Chemicals It’s easy to forget that you’re in charge of storing some very dangerous and potentially explosive chemicals when you have your own swimming pool. “Swimming pool chemicals” is a broad phrase that includes a number of different water conditioners, oxidizers and water chemistry adjusters needed to keep your…

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The Safe Handling of Swimming Pool Chemicals

Handling swimming pool chemicals can become a mundane, everyday task for swimming pool owners. When using swimming pool chemicals properly they can be a safe and important way to keep your pool safe for swimming, but people can sometimes become complacent when handling these dangerous chemicals. Tips for the safe handling of swimming pool chemicals…

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Turn your swimming pool into a life-saving and educational playground

The past few months have seen an unusual number of drowning-related accidents in the Greater Toronto Area. A high percentage of these accidents involved children, many of who could not swim. The tragedy is this: these accidents are preventable.  As well as being fun, enrolling your children in swimming lessons can also keep them safe…

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Swimming pool safety – part two

Swimming pool safety is mostly common sense when it comes to enjoying summer around the pool. Children should only swim while fully supervised, and no one should ever swim alone. But there are other components of swimming pool safety that current and potential pool owners should be aware of, and those include chemical safety. Swimming…

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