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10 Tips For Keeping Your Pool In Tip-Top Shape This Summer

10. If you don’t maintain your pool properly, you could cut the lifespan in half. Or, if you don’t maintain it at all, you could be cutting it down to a quarter.   9. A pool pump could consume up to half of a home’s entire energy output. With new pool system technology currently overlapping…

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A Pool Heater Can Extend Your Season

While the days are still warm, the evenings are getting cooler and it definitely cuts into the time you’ll enjoy in your swimming pool – unless you have a pool heater, which can extend our precious swimming pool season by a matter of weeks. If you’ve avoided purchasing a pool heater because of your memories…

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Swimming Pool Hygiene Primer

When we’re not having violent storms and torrential rainfall, it’s finally been possible to enjoy some great summer weather – and our swimming pools – in the GTA lately. If you’ve got a swimming pool, you’ve no doubt been subjected to a host of hints and maybe not-so-subtle suggestions from people who’d love to help…

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Pool Filter Tips

Along with maintaining the right chemical balance, proper filtration is the most important element of pool maintenance. Here at Bremner Pools, we recommend two types of pool filters – the Hayward Cartridge Filter and the Pentair Tagelus Filter. As with all of our parts and pool components, we buy directly from the manufacturer to ensure…

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Pool Safety Reminders & Fencing

A Vancouver area woman is calling for stricter enforcement of pool safety bylaws in her municipality a year after a toddler died in a tragic pool accident and in the aftermath of another recent near drowning. The tragic accident occurred when an 18 month old child wandered into the pool area of his family’s rented…

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Salt or Chlorine?

Maintaining salt water systems for swimming pools has been around for years but it’s only been relatively recently that the technology has made it easily accessible to your average pool owner. You may have been wondering about it, so let’s take a look at what it can mean to switch from traditional methods of using…

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Variable Speed Pumps and your swimming pool

In tough economic times, it’s often the things we think of as luxuries that take the first hit. Operating a swimming pool can seem like an unnecessary expense but modern technology is making owning a pool more and more doable. One of the most exciting innovations in pool ownership is the Variable Speed Pump (or…

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Swimming Pool Heater Safety – Part 1

With our variable climate here in Southern Ontario, the advantages of a pool heater are obvious. Warmer water = a longer swimming season, and lets you make the most out of your swimming pool. The Right Installation Is Key Installation by a professional and expert like our employees at Bremner Pool Services is your assurance…

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