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The Future is now: Robotic Pool Cleaners

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If you are a seasoned pool owner, you will know exactly what it’s like to spend the afternoon vacuuming the pool. Vacuuming your entire pool with a manual pool cleaner or even a sweeper is an extremely effective way to remove all the dirt and debris from your pool that your filter hasn’t picked up. This method however, is the most time consuming and depending on the size of your pool could take anywhere between an hour to an hour and a half.

If your pool is larger than most standard sized pools and you just simply don’t have the extra few hours each week to vacuum your pool, there is a different method that is a little more technically advanced than a sweeper; an automated, robotic pool cleaner.

This kind of technology isn’t quite the newest technology on the market, they have been around for well over a few decades. But with homes and hotels building larger and more sophisticated pools, this technology has become more useful than ever before.

There are three types of automated pool cleaners:


Suction-side pool cleaners connect to the pool’s skimmer box or a dedicated suction line and use the suction created by the filter system to suck up grime and dirt from the floor and walls and transfer it to the skimmer. This is the least expensive pool cleaner and one of the most popular.


These kind of cleaners use a combination of suction and jet action to roll around the pool surface and draw up material into an attached bag. These automatic cleaners work well for pools with a heavy leaf load because they have a large opening (up to 2 ½ inches in diameter). Some pressure-side cleaners have a tail that swishes back and forth to help filter out fine particles to the main drain or skimmer.


These kind of cleaners are the best option for very large pools because they are not limited by the length of a hose; they are powered by a chargeable battery, solar power, or a water-safe electrical cord that is plugged into a standard GFCI-protected outlet. Robotic cleaners rove the surfaces of the pool sucking up small and large debris like pollen, sand, and tree litter. Many models use rotating brushes or rollers to scrub the pool’s walls and floor, including hard-to-reach corners.

At Bremner Pool & Spas, we have many types of pool vacuums and automated pool cleaners for sale. Currently for this season, our most popular robotic pool cleaners are the Hayward eVac pro and the Hayward Aquavac 500. The Hayward eVac Pro is one of our most popular items and is a fantastic unit that is both energy efficient ( The energy used from a standard lightbulb is all the power needed to power the cleaner) and also easy to use ( The unit calculates the size of your pool and programs itself for the most efficient cleaning path)


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