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The Ontario Harmonized Sales Tax and your swimming pool

The Ontario Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) comes into effect on July 1, 2010. The HST replaces the PST (sometimes called the RST or Retail Sales Tax) and is being combined with the GST to reach a combined tax on goods and services at 13%. So, products and services on which consumers are normally only charged the 5% GST will now be subject to the 13% HST charge.  How does this affect swimming pool owners? Read on:

Existing swimming pools

If an existing in-ground swimming pool is purchased along with a home or property, it is considered real property (items permanently attached to land) and is not taxable. Other examples of real property include driveways, patios and fences.  An above-ground swimming pool is considered a fixture, meaning it’s attached to the property somewhat permanently. These too, are not taxable under the HST. Other examples of fixtures include water heaters and built-in appliances.

New swimming pools

Installing a new swimming pool after July 1, 2010 will be subject to the HST, as will landscaping services and any home renovation labour related to new swimming pools. Most goods and services provided by registered businesses are taxable under the new HST.

Swimming Pool Maintenance
Swimming pool maintenance services are taxable under the HST because they’re a service supplied during the course of a commercial activity, and any goods and services once taxable under the GST are now going to be taxable under the higher HST.  The HST is also added to your utility costs, including electricity, natural gas or hydro.

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