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The Safe Handling of Swimming Pool Chemicals

Handling swimming pool chemicals can become a mundane, everyday task for swimming pool owners. When using swimming pool chemicals properly they can be a safe and important way to keep your pool safe for swimming, but people can sometimes become complacent when handling these dangerous chemicals.

Tips for the safe handling of swimming pool chemicals

The cardinal rule of swimming pool chemicals is to always add the chemicals to water, and never add water to the chemicals. Swimming pool chemicals are designed to be added to very large quantities of water all at once, but dangerous reactions and even the release of hazardous fumes can result if these swimming pool chemicals get wet by themselves – this can occur through improper mixing, splashes or leaks wherever the chemicals are being stored.

  • Always close containers fully and firmly.
  • Never mix new chemicals with old ones, even if they are the same chemical from the same company.
  • Only use one chemical at a time, and avoid using the same scoop or measuring cup with one chemical and then another chemical to avoid unintentionally mixing the chemicals.
  • Make sure your hands are dry when handling swimming pool chemicals.
  • When handling swimming pool chemicals, wear protective gear like goggles, gloves and face masks. Unintentionally moistening pool chemicals (with your tears, saliva or even sweat) can be dangerous. Safe handling of swimming pool chemicals means preventing accidental inhalation and eye contact.
  • If swimming pool chemicals are spilled, do not attempt to put the spilled chemical back into the container.
  • Do not use a dry chemical fire extinguisher if there is a fire near your swimming pool chemicals. If the fire cannot be extinguished with plenty of water only, call the fire department and leave the area.

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