Green pool sanitization systems

Keeping your swimming pool sanitary for swimming season need not include a heavy amount of chemicals. Those wondering if their swimming pool can indeed be swimmable and eco-friendly can have it both ways as there are options for keeping your pool clean and “green”, including:

Saltwater sanitization

For this method, small amounts of salt are introduced to the swimming pool which eventually breaks down into chlorine, killing bacteria. These systems are essentially “self-cleaning” and the amount of salt used is not noticeable to the swimmers. Saltwater systems also offer an easy-to-use digital readout, which eliminates continuous chemical water testing and monitoring.

The use of salt sanitizing systems also keep pH levels stabilized at a neutral level longer, which eliminates the swimming pool owner having to constantly adjust the pH levels chemically. These systems allow for a lower level of chlorine, are easy to maintain and make the water feel softer.  Further, the more neutral pH and salt content of the water are far easier on the eyes and skin.

UV sanitization

Using ultra-violet light rays, this pool sanitizing system kills bacteria and organisms like algae by using UV light to destroy bacteria and tiny organisms through a device that works with the pool’s pump system. This method still uses chlorine, but far less than in standard pool systems. Using less chlorine helps reduce red eyes and the potential for skin irritation. The UV system will also continue to sanitize the water if the chlorine levels in the swimming pool become low.

Ozone generators

Similar to a UV system, an ozone generator works as an oxidizer, yet requires much lower levels of chlorine than a standard swimming pool system. An ozone generator produces ozone gas, which is dispersed through the filtration system, killing bacteria and other microorganisms as it works.

These eco-friendly pool cleaning methods are better for the environment and healthier for your family. They also do not tend to damage liners, pool blankets or surrounding materials like increased levels of chlorine and other chemicals can.

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