Hayward Expert Line – Premium Products, Superior Warranties, Not Available Online!

You will notice on our website when you browse through some of the product pages that certain items are labeled as Expert Line items.

One of our main suppliers for Pool Equipment is Hayward Pool Products.  We have a long history with Hayward and are very satisfied with their products and the support we receive from them.  Over the past few years, Hayward has come out with a line of items to support brick and mortar retailers called the Expert Line.  These are a series of products that are exclusively available at brick & mortar stores only and not available online.  Expert line items are:

  • Premium made products
  • Come with extended warranties.
  • Hayward also provides rebates when these items are installed by a pool professional
  • Exclusively available at brick & mortar stores only and not available online

Here are a few of the popular Expert Line items that we carry:

Hayward Super Pump single speed 700 – 1hp & 1.5hp

  • Chemical-resistant Viton seal offers powerful corrosion protection
  • 2 year warranty with installation

Hayward Super Pump Variable Speed 700

  • Chemical-resistant Viton seal offers powerful corrosion protection
  • 3 year extended warranty with installation
  • Optimum performance and energy efficiency for every in-ground pool
  • Save consumers up to 90% on energy costs

Hayward Aquarite 900 Chlorine Generator

  • Extended life Turbocell which produces 25% more chlorine over its lifetime than the other AquaRite systems
  • The Extended Life TurboCell cuts your chlorine costs by 50% or more
  • Backed by an industry best 5 year warranty!

So, the next time you require a pump or a Chlorine Generator, please ask us about Hayward’s Expert Line products and experience a complete peace of mind once installed!

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