How can you tell if your pool is leaking?

The water level in any type of swimming pool may naturally change from time to time. Rainfall, evaporation and the occasional cannonball can alter the water level noticeably. However, if you find yourself constantly having to add more water during normal weather, you may just have a pool leak.

What Causes Pool Leaks?

Pool leaks can be simple or complex and can result from cracks in the pool shell, holes in the vinyl liner or as an issue with the plumbing. Pool leaks may not be only caused by improper installation – they could also be due to aging or wear and tear of certain pool components.  Determining where a leak may be coming from can be difficult and even impossible to detect on your own.

Professional pool service companies that offer leak detection services have a variety of methods at their disposal, from electronic and sonic pool leak detection devices to plumbing leak detection scopes.  A professional pool service company will be able to determine the cause of the leak and  take measures to fix the problem.

To simplify this process, pool owners can run two simple tests to help identify in advance where the leak may be coming from.  First, mark where the pool water level is. Run the pump for 24 hours, and then mark any change in water level. This simple test should then be completed again with the pump turned off for 24 hours.  This will tell the pool service company where the leak may be originating.

Bremner Pool and Spa is an innovator in pool leak detection.  Using specialized equipment, we’re able to detect and repair pool leaks quickly and efficiently.

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About Bremner Pool & Spa:  Established since 1981, Bremner Pool & Spa is one of the premiere swimming pool service companies in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  We operate 10 state-of-the art service vehicles and offer a variety of high quality and eco friendly products & services including pool openings, partial pool openings, pool closings, weekly pool service,  pool leak detection & repair, heaters, liners and pumps.  As well, Bremner Pool & Spa complies with all City of Toronto By Laws for Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas.

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