Late Season is the Ideal Time for Renovations

When August comes around, you might be thinking of pool season in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) as more than half over and you might be tempted to put any thoughts and plans for your swimming pool on the backburner. That would be a mistake.

There’s still plenty of time left for pool renovations or even new pool design projects. You can take your time to plan your pool without the pressure of an upcoming season and then next spring, you’ll be ready with a brand new look. Fall is also the ideal time to plan landscaping for the next year, and you can coordinate your swimming pool and yard together.

Pool Check-Up, Renovate or Rebuild?
Parts and systems can be replaced, it’s true, and in many cases, upgrading various components of your swimming pool can make a huge difference. There does come a point, however, when a new liner or replacing a few fittings just won’t cut it anymore and major renovations are necessary.

Don’t fret. We have the experience and the expertise to renovate and rebuild and the advances made in pool technology over the last decade will amaze you. Pool ownership has never been made easier and more stress-free. Here’s a look at some of the innovations you can enjoy:

  •   Liners & Coping – there are many new colours available, including prints – we can even colour coordinate liner, coping, steps, diving board, slide and decking
  • Plumbing – the pipes may last for years yet but the fittings definitely don’t last forever – new PVC and other types of flexible hosing offer more durability
  • In-pool steps – we work with a manufacturer that uses acrylic with fibreglass reinforcing along a leveling system that reinforces the treaded part of each step
  • Deck – we can remove and replace small sections of your concrete deck, or replace the whole thing depending on what’s required
  • Pool Lighting – there have been many exciting recent innovations in pool lighting including systems that work with a remote control, multiple colours and even fibre optic systems for both in-pool and perimeter lighting
  • Salt Water Chlorination – contrary to many people’s assumptions, it does still involve chlorine but it automates the process so you don’t have to handle chlorine yourself anymore – and all of our salt chlorination customers love the soft water feel
  • Drainage – most of the damage we see to pools over the years is due to poor water drainage that can result in water seeping under the liner or decking, among other things – for a new pool design, we can install a new system and landscape for optimal drainage & weeper systems can be installed for existing pools
  • Painting or refinishing your pool – there are a number of options we can offer, including marbelite or quartz finish and tough epoxy paints

Questions or Concerns?
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About Bremner Pool & Spa:
Established in 1981, Bremner Pool & Spa is one of the premiere swimming pool service companies in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Durham Region. We operate 11 state-of-the art vehicles and offer a variety of high quality and eco-friendly products & services including swimming pool repair, openings, partial swimming pool openings, swimming pool closings, weekly pool and spa service, pool leak detection & repair, heaters, liners, pumps and more. As well, Bremner Pool & Spa complies with all City of Toronto By Laws for Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas.

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