Toronto Pool & Spa Leak Detections & Repair

Finding a leak in a pool can be either a simple process
or an endless nightmare.

To simplify the process, you as the customer can run a couple of tests:

  • Mark the level of the pool with the pump running for a 24 hour period and note the water loss.
  • Repeat this process with pump off and note water loss.
  • Please call our office or click the link below and email us with the results of this test.  This test usually gives us an idea of where to start to look and will also give you an idea of the costs to find and repair the leak.

Leaks in the Pool

We use an electronic device called a Leaktractor to pinpoint leaks in the vinyl liner. At the same time our divers will be dye testing areas where the leaktractor would not find. Most problems when found underwater are repairable while our diver is on site. In the event this was not possible the problem would be explained and a quote left.

Dive Call— With scuba tanks, we can find and repair most leaks in a liner, main drain, or concrete shell. Leak Track Liner and Dive Call costs:

$ 525 + HST

Icy Water - Dry Suit Dives (If water temperature is below 70 degrees)

$ 625 + HST


Skimmer or Return Leak at wall fitting or tee. Labour only:
1. Where concrete deck is 3 to 4 ft wide and digging under deck is possible $ 1,005 + HST
2. Patio stones $ 720 + HST
3. Concrete deck where concrete saw is necessary $ 1,005 + HST

Leaks in the Plumbing

We have a couple of electronic devices to pinpoint breaks in plumbing. The most commonly used is the Aquascope . We pressure test the lines with water and air, wherever the leak is, it makes a noise and we can hear this noise with our instrument. This has allowed us to limit the amount of damage done during the repair. Usually we only have to cut one small hole through the deck to gain access. Bremner Pool & Spa also repairs these leaks and has the necessary diamond saws and jackhammers to limit the damage. We also do all patching of holes, relay interlocking stone and repair sod so that the customer does not have to.

Concrete pools have unique plumbing and may cost extra for repairs.

By pressure testing, both water and air, we can determine, usually within a foot, as to the location of most plumbing leaks. While we cannot determine the price of all situations, the most common charges are as follows:

Pressure Test Lines
(sonic leak detection, depending on the complexity of the job)
$ 435 + HST

Pressure Test and Dive Call
$ 525 + HST

Replace Skimmer

The cost to replace a vinyl skimmer is $ 1,625 + HST.   There is always the possibility that there is more than one plumbing leak. This would be priced as two separate repairs.  Core Drill New Return on Concrete Pool $1,470 + HST
All repair charges, include repairing the leak, access hole, will be covered by a 3-year full warranty on the job. 

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