Toronto Pool Liner Replacements

Why buy a pool liner from Bremner Pool & Spa?

In choosing a vinyl liner manufacturer Bremner Pool & Spa uses three criteria ; quality of product , reliability of delivery and competitive pricing. Our main suppliers are Poolwerx, Latham Pool Products and Highbury Pools.

Most manufacturers use computerized drawing and design systems to build their liners so where there are differences are in the type of vinyl they use and how this vinyl is cut. Poolwerx , Latham and Highbury use a slightly heavier vinyl and allow more material for each liner. Poolwerx and Highbury are smaller Canadian companies and have been able to offer quicker delivery, accurate design and exceptional service. As is always the case it is better for us to inspect your backyard and advise you as to the best company for you based on your needs. We will also advise as to the condition of the rest of the pool and quickest delivery times.

Poolwerx, Latham & Highbury Pools offer discontinued patterns at a discount price while supplies last.  Poolwerx offers their classic in-ground liners. Latham offers their Signature Series, discontinued patterns.   Highbury Pools offers the Competitor Series.   Please contact our office for prices on these.

Professional Installation

Don Bremner has over thirty years experience in the vinyl liner pool business. Our installers Clayton Elliott, Ryan Head and Eric McIndless have been well trained . A properly fitted liner requires 3 components:

  1. Proper measurements supplied by an experienced person;
  2. A quality liner;
  3. Proper installation.


It is amazing how many good liners are installed incorrectly by inexperienced help:

  • The walls must be properly taped for a good vacuum
  • The bottom must be sound and cleaned up properly
  • A proper vacuum must be achieved to draw the liner in wrinkle free. We use 3 HP air machines , not Canadian Tire 1 HP shop vacuums . Our vacuum machines are designed exclusively for pool liners and run quieter and more efficiently.
  • Replacing all necessary gaskets and faceplates, repairing stripped threads and cutting in a new liner are critical to the process to prevent leakage.
  • Pressure testing the main drain line while you have access.
  • Properly preparing the hard bottom to prevent further damage to the liner.

Bremner Pool & Spa prides itself in completing the liner installation with professionalism and speed. We can guarantee a completion date for your job and provide a written guarantee.  Bremner provides a 3 year warranty on our labor.  As for the warranty for the actual liner material, please contact our office for warranty for Poolwerx, Latham and Highbury Pools.

When you purchase a liner from Bremner Pool & Spa, you will get Reliability, Quality and Professionalism.

Pool Liner Samples

These are some of the Pool Liners we carry.
We have plenty more to choose from.  Contact our office for more patterns or click on the links above for more selection!

W* = Wall
F* = Floor


Butterfly Effect Blue Aquashimmer No Border(W*)
Butterfly Effect Blue Aquashimmer(F*)

Blue Slate Aquashimmer Embossed No Border(W*)
Blue Slate Aquashimmer Embossed(F*)

3-D Caribbean Pebble Embossed No Border(W*)
3-D Caribbean Pebble Embossed(F*)


Mountain Top Gray Slate(W*)
Gray Slate(F*)

Gray Slate No Border(W*)
Gray Slate(F*)

Ocean Midnight NO BORDER(W*)
Ocean Midnight(F*)

Cambridge Ocean Stone(W*)
Ocean Stone(F*)

Ocean Stone No Border(W*)
Ocean Stone(F*)

Gray Marble No Border(W*)
Gray Marble(F*)

Royal Seabrook No Border(W*)
Royal Seabrook(F*)

Sandstone No Border (W*)
Sandstone (F*)

Bayview Slate Gray Graphite(W*)
Gray Graphite(F*)

Gray Graphite No Border(W*)
Gray Graphite(F*)

Black Granite No Border(W*)
Black Granite(F*)

Bayview Slate (W*)
White Diffusion (F*)

Mountain White Diffusion (W*)
White Diffusion (F*)

All White Diffusion
No Border

Blue Beach Pebble
No Border (W*)
Blue Beach Pebble (F*)

Raleigh Blue (W*)
Blue Beach Pebble (F*)

Flora Blue Beach Pebble(W*)
Blue Beach Pebble(F*)

White Beach Pebble
No Border (W*)

White Beach Pebble (F*)

Raleigh White W*)
White Beach Pebble (F*)

Grand (W*)
White Beach Pebble (F*)

Blue Diffusion No Border(W*)
Blue Diffusion(F*)

Bayview Blue Diffusion (W*)
Blue Diffusion (F*)

Mountain Blue Diffusion (W*)
Blue Diffusion (F*)

Siesta Wave Blue(W*)
Blue Diffusion(F*)

Oxford HD Electric(W*)
HD Electric(F*)

HD Electric No Border(W*)
HD Electric(F*)

Moonlight HD Electric(W*)
HD Electric(F*)

Canterbury HD Electric(W*)
HD Electric(F*)

Black Slate No Border(W*)
Black Slate(F*)

Sunburst White Diffusion(W*)
White Diffusion(F*)


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