Pool Painting

There are several types of pool paint that have been used in the Toronto area over the last 50 years such as: Epoxy, Chlorinated rubber, Water based Acrylic and Cement based coatings. We are able to test the existing paint on the pool in order to determine the type of paint that was used. However, if there is any peeling, we would normally recommend sandblasting the pool in order to remove the old paint and installing epoxy paint to re-coat. We prefer to use Hi-quality Epoxy paint as its durable, long-lasting, stain and chemical resistant, easy to apply, has a nice finish and comes in a few different colours.

Painting pools is not an exact science. Many times, no matter how well the pool is prepared, there is always the potential for blistering and peeling. Often, there are compatibility issues with the previous paint that was used. Water leakage into the shell quite often leads to minor blisters.


To ensure the best results possible, you will need to pay close attention to the weather before you start to paint. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Ensure the temperature is warm during the day AND night before you start to paint. The temperature should be at least 10 Degrees Celsius during the day AND night while you paint
  • Avoid painting if any rain is in the forecast. You need 5 to 7 days of dry weather for best results
  • In our service area of Greater Toronto, the best time to paint is between late May and early to mid September. In September, you will need to pay close attention to the weather as the rain and winds start to pick up and these are not ideal conditions for painting as you may possibly experience staining from debris and leaves getting into the pool. If you experience wind, put on a leaf-net to avoid leaves from staining the pool

Pool Painting Procedure for Pools that do NOT require Sandblasting

If your pool does not require a sandblast, here is a general overview of the painting procedure:

  • Drain the pool and remove the hydrostat or plug in the main drain. This is to prevent the pool from lifting out of the ground due to the excess underground water that may have built up underneath the pool
  • Acid wash the surface to remove debris and rough-up. Apply Tri-sodium Phosphate (TSP) to remove any excess grease and acid & pressure wash the surface and use sodium bicarbonate to neutralize the acid. Patch and grind any loose sub-surface.
  • Paint one or two coats of compatible paint. Usually, we recommend two coats. After the first coat of paint has been applied, wait 24 hours before applying second coat.

Pool Painting Procedure for Pools that require Sandblasting

Epoxy Paint

The purpose of sandblasting a concrete pool is to remove as much of the old paint as possible. If the pool was previously painted with epoxy, we would only remove the loose paint. Trying to take off the old paint which has properly bonded to the pool could take days and be financially prohibitive. This is called a flash-blast and is done within one day. We would then patch any small areas affected by the blast and paint with 2 coats of epoxy.

Rubber and Water Based Paint

Rubber Based Paint or Acrylic Paint should be removed from the surface and will usually come off as its bonds are not as tenacious as epoxy. Often, this requires a full day of sandblasting or longer. Since the surface is weaker, the sub grade material may come off as well and cause more patching. If the sub grade is marbelite, we must remove any hollow sections and re-bond the shell. If we are able to remove most of the old paint, we would re-coat with epoxy paint. If the base layer is not compatible with epoxy, we would suggest a necessary coating for the pool.

Starting up your Pool after Painting

Once the pool has been painted, you must let the pool sit empty for 5 to 7 days to ensure that the paint has fully cured. After the paint has cured, you can start to fill your pool to the middle of the skimmer level, balance the water chemistry and start up the pump and filter system. Be sure to put the hydrostat or plug back into the main drain before you start to fill.

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