Pool & Spa Renovations Toronto

At Bremner Pool and Spa, we have always done pool renovations.

Don Bremner, Barry Head, and Scott Ravary all started out in pool building. However, over the past 15 years, we have expanded that area of our business. With the addition of Clayton Elliott and Ryan MacKenzie, and a Kubota mini excavator, we have taken on many total rebuilds. The timing has been perfect, as many aging pools no longer only need a new liner: they need new coping, plumbing lines, decking, improved drainage, and landscaping. The installation of in-pool steps, pool lights, and saltwater chlorination can greatly modernize the look of the pool.

Liners & Coping

At one time, liners were one of three colours, maybe with a border and coping was white. Nowadays, liners are many colours with many varied prints. Aluminum coping comes in white, grey, and beige. It is quite normal for us to colour coordinate a liner, coping, steps, diving board, slide and decking.


While the pipes could last up to forty years, we know that most fittings will not, so we would normally replace all wall fittings, plumbing fittings, and skimmer and pipe if necessary. Today we use a more flexible type of PVC pipe and fittings we know will stand the test of time.

In-Pool Steps

These steps come from Latham and are acrylic with fibreglass reinforcing. They have a levelling system encased in concrete which reinforces each step where you walk on them. They come in different sizes and shapes, and have a smooth white or black finish, or grey or blue granite finish.

There are also options for vinyl over a steel step base which is concrete reinforced

Concrete Decks

Whether we remove and replace only a section or the entire concrete deck, there is no job too big or small for us to refurbish. For smaller repairs, Bremner Pool & Spa will do the concrete themselves. When we are involved with larger stamped concrete projects we bring in Durham Concrete who specialize in this type of work. The same is true with interlocking decks, interlocking copings, waterfalls, or retaining walls. For several years we have worked MJF Landscaping on many pool renovations projects. By combining efforts on projects, we provide the expertise in our fields so that the customer gets the best value for their money.

Pool Lighting

There have been some great improvements in pool lighting over the years. The standard for the industry is a low voltage 60 watt light. These have been trouble free and are very effective for lighting an average pool. These can also be combined with a LED bulb and remote control so you can sit in your living room and change the many colours on the bulb. Fiberoptic lighting is also a wonderful alternative for both in pool and also perimeter lighting.

Salt Water Chlorination

The Aquarite salt water system places a low level charge in the pool water by your filter and turns the salt, which has been added to your water, into liquid chlorine. This system has become extremely popular over the past 10 years. Once the system is set up, it means no more handling of chlorine. You still have to maintain a water balance and check your chlorine and salt level, but you will find a much less bouncing effect on your pool chemistry. This product will not save you any money, however I have yet to hear from a customer who didn't love the system. They love the way the water feels on their skin, the smell, the taste and is crystal clear.

Drainage for Pools

One thing we find in renovating older pools is that much of the damage over the years has been caused by poor drainage. Constantly getting water under your liner or decking will dramatically shorten the life span of those products. Better pool builders will provide this drainage at the time of initial installation. However, for problem pools where this has not been done, there are weeper systems that can be added during a renovation, which can help the problem.

Safety Pool Covers

Safety Covers are not new in the industry, however over the last ten years, they have regained popularity. We have also seen several Canadian suppliers enter this market so we have good supply with competitive pricing. We use a company called PSP Fabricating Inc., located centrally in Barry, north of Toronto. These covers are stretched across the pool, making the pool totally safe for children, and dogs over the winter. They install easily, in minutes, and are just as easily removed. There are no pumps, dirty water and leaves to deal with. Customers love how they handle and how they look. They come in a variety of colours- beige, green, blue, grey and black.

Concrete Pools

Bremner Pool & Spa can retile the waterline or change the coping around the perimeter of your concrete pool. We can refinish the pool surface with marbelite or a quartz finish. Some our larger renovations have been concrete pools. Please visit our projects section for more detail.

Pool Paint

Bremner Pool & spa has been painting pools for over 25 years. The main issue with new paint is compatibility with the existing paint. If we test the paint and can readily identify it as epoxy, rubber, acrylic or cement based and there is little peeling, we can acid wash and repaint usually with one coat. If however there is obvious incompatibility with many coats of paint over the years the solution is to sandblast and repaint with 2-3 coats of epoxy.  Click on the link below to read more about Pool Painting.

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