Gibson Pickering Pool Renovation

Project Details

Location: Pickering

Project Type: Gibson Pool Renovation


  • 2 x 2 tiles
  • LED lighting
  • Slate interlock deck

Project Photos

3255 2nd angle-min

John & Mary


I tried 2 pool companies before a work colleague from Markham gave me Bremner’s name. Bremner said they could take me on; they had a few customers in the neighborhood, luckily enough. I never changed again. And it all started with Don picking a liner for me that looks like tile; and I still have friends that come over thinking it IS real. Bremner has truly exceptional service.I have to stress this fact because we inherited our pool (our very first pool ever); and our pool is a BEAR.We had problems even after we replaced most of the equipment.  If my pool heater would conk out the day before a huge kids’ party; Bremner would be there.When our heater broke down just past the warranty date, they got us a better price.  I even got a second hand salt water generator from them that is still ticking!The guys that do our weekly maintenance, as well as the ones that open and close, and do technical repairs, have all been there since I started using Bremner; they are courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful.And if you have any concerns, you can always reach Don.

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