Toronto Salt Water System Pool Specialist

AquaRite® 900 Expert Line Salt Water Pool System

The AquaRite 900, part of Hayward's Expert Series, provides complete pool and spa sanitization using ordinary salt. It converts a small amount of salt - approximately one teaspoon per gallon of pool water - into a virtually endless supply of fresh, pure chlorine. This environmentally friendly and self-renewing process produces up to 1.45 pounds of chlorine a day, enough to keep the water in a 40,000-gallon pool clean, clear and luxuriously soft.

The AquaRite 900 comes with an Extended Life Turbocell. This means  it produces 25% more chlorine over its lifetime than our leading AquaRite systems and cuts your annual chlorine costs in half and eliminates the hassle of constantly handling conventional chlorine.  Lastly, it's backed by an industry best 5 year warranty!

Click here to view AquaRite 900 Salt Chlorination Brochure

Right-sized salt chlorination

Salt Chlorination Turbo Cells are available in three sizes - 40,000, 25,000 and 15,000 gallons. The three sizes enable you to right-size your system for the most efficient and cost-effective chlorination possible.

What You Need To Know About Salt Water

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