The Case for Swimming Pool Safety Covers

A tragic case recently in upstate New York and one early in the summer in the GTA outlined the importance of pool safety. Basic measures are outlined by legislation but there are many other things you can do to ensure the safety of your pool area – even over the winter.

Once your pool is closed, your thoughts may turn more towards skiing vacations than sunning by the pool but the fact of the matter is that to small children, pets and neighbourhood animals, your pool remains a source of fascination – and possible danger.

Pool Closing
An ideal pool closing leaves your swimming pool prepared to weather the difficult conditions of winter, ready to be opened again for next year’s season with a minimum of fuss. A pool safety cover helps to ensure that’s exactly what happens.

What is a Safety Cover?
A safety cover is made of a rigid material and is custom-made to the dimensions of your swimming pool. It snaps into place on top, over the rim of the pool and is designed to block the sun. They are very easy to install and remove. While it’s relatively lightweight, the material is designed to withstand several thousands of pounds of pressure. This affords several advantages.

• Leaves simply blow off the cover as they would blow over hard ground – no clean up mess in the spring.
• They help to eliminate algae growth in your pool over the winter season.
• Dead leaves, insects, debris – these can’t enter into your pool over the winter to contaminate the water.
• Those materials and algae growth can also easily discolour the pool – the safety cover protects the interior finish.
• Looks – safety covers are custom made and come in a range of shades that will enhance the look of your yard over the winter.
• In the spring, the water is cleaner – you’ll save time and opening is that much easier.
• With traditional covers, you have to worry about water accumulation on top of the cover and possibly having to pump off stagnant water or keep snow away – not so with a rigid safety cover.
• With safety in mind, you should consider using a safety pool cover all year round.

Safety & Quality
Most importantly, a pool safety cover ensures the safety of your family, pets, neighbourhood children and animals. They can’t accidentally fall into the pool.

Our supplier was chosen because of their quality product, which features heavy duty springs and hardware, 3’x3′ grid construction and a heavy dense weave material. They are able to design and manufacture a cover for almost any shaped pool with various border features.

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