Tips for an eco friendly swimming pool

More swimming pool owners are going green than ever before. In fact, going green was among the top trends for 2009 in the Canadian pool and spa industry.

It pays to go green

For many homeowners, going green isn’t just about being environmentally-friendly, it’s also about lowering energy consumption and reducing energy costs. As a result, pool owners are looking for a wider variety of options to help them keep their pool environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient. Fortunately, there are an increasing number of options for those looking to do both.  To find out how, read on.

Specialized equipment

The proper sizing of your pool’s filtration equipment is an important aspect of “going green”. Using smaller pumps and larger pipes will lower overall energy costs, and this allows you to maximize pool circulation and pumping while lowering overall energy consumption. It also reduces the wear and tear on the equipment itself, because it’s under less stress when in use.

Solar heaters are also available as an alternative to electric or gas powered heaters.  In fact, solar pool heaters can keep your pool warmer and opened longer via free energy from the sun; in some cases, a solar pool heater can add up to 2″ 4 weeks to your swimming season. The idea is catching on with over 10% of the Canada pool heating market presently making use of solar pool heaters.

Cartridge filtration is another option, as these devices filter fine particles from the water – particles much finer than even sand – reducing the need for weekly backwashing. The elimination of the need for weekly backwashing lessens the loss of water, chemicals and heat from your swimming pool. Most systems are sized to require cleaning as little as once or twice a season.

Using standard pool features wisely

Solar Blankets can provide a lot more “green” to your pool than you might realize. On one hand, they can reduce the amount of  pool water that evaporates  and needs to be replaced. On the other, they can help heat your pool and can eliminate the need for a heater in some cases.

Take advantage of your Smart Meter and save money

Most homes in Ontario are now required to have Smart Meters. Smart Meters are electricity meters that record the time (hours) during the day when electricity is used, unlike older meters that measure the total amount of energy used per billing period.

Once an area in the province switches over to “time-of-use” pricing, different prices will be in effect for different times of the day. By taking advantage of the Smart Meter, you can set your swimming pool heater and pump to work during off-peak hours, when energy costs are lower.

A pool timer can ensure your pool equipment is only operating during off-peak hours, but keep in mind that a two-stage timer is required for heater pump applications to turn the heater off 20 minutes before the pump, so that the pipes do not become overheated and begin to melt.

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