Variable Speed Pumps and your swimming pool

In tough economic times, it’s often the things we think of as luxuries that take the first hit. Operating a swimming pool can seem like an unnecessary expense but modern technology is making owning a pool more and more doable.

One of the most exciting innovations in pool ownership is the Variable Speed Pump (or VSP). It’s something you should consider at any juncture, whether you’re:

  • Installing a new pool
  • Replacing an old pump
  • Looking for energy savings at any time

A Variable Speed Pump uses a new kind of motor called a “permanent magnet motor” which is similar to those used in the new hybrid cars. They offer a minimum of 30% better energy efficiency than the old style motors (called “induction motors”).

Some manufacturers offer a two speed pump, but those two pre-set speeds are fixed and still don’t give you the optimal flow that will result in significant energy savings.

Variable Speed Pumps (or VSPs) save you on energy costs. Just how much can depend on the exact circumstance but you can expect 30-90% – a truly significant cost reduction.

They do that by using the lowest speed required to accomplish the job. Basically, you use less energy the slower you move the water and that savings is exponential. For example, reducing the pump speed by half actually reduces the energy required by 7/8. It’s similar to the savings in gas mileage experienced at lower speeds when you drive your car.

Other advantages include:

  •   The motors produce far less heat and vibrations for less wear and tear on all your equipment
  • If you renovate your pool or change any components, you can simply readjust the VSP

At Bremner Pools, we often recommend the Heyward Super Pump VS. It combines the energy efficiency of a VSP with a convenient size. Most VSPs are larger than medium head pool pumps, but the Heyward Super Pump VS is the ideal size for most plumbing, particularly 1.5″. It’s quiet, super-efficient and features a large basket for extra leaf holding capacity.

  • It offers about an 80% reduction in energy use and cost.
  • In addition, it offers a programmable interface where you can tailor speed, duration and priming time to your circumstances.

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