When to begin thinking about closing your swimming pool

It’s still hot outside, so the last thing you might be thinking about is closing your swimming pool. However, now is the time to think about booking your spot with a professional pool company in order to have your swimming pool closure go as safely and efficiently possible.

If your pool is heated, you can probably swim comfortably until the end of September or even later depending on what the weather has in store. If your swimming pool is not heated, Labour Day is the unofficial end date to the summer swimming season and is when many pool owners choose to close their pools. It can be a busy weekend, so booking early is recommended.

Special winter covers and chemicals will keep the pool clear until spring, but if those colourful autumn leaves find their way into the pool cleaning may become a hassle, which is why it’s best to close down early if at all possible.

A proper pool closing involves a thorough vacuum and cleaning of your pool; lowering the water level to one that is suitable for winter weather; draining the pump, filter, heater and other water-bearing equipment; lubricating applicable equipment parts and checking for “and repairing“ any potential leaks.

The water chemistry will also be tested and adjusted accordingly, and the pool will be properly covered with a thick winter cover in order to handle the severe winter temperatures without any problems.

One final and very important thing to do when closing a swimming pool is to check for leaks. Closing your swimming pool is the perfect opportunity for this.  A professional pool service company will look for leaks and other potential problems in each of the swimming pool components while closing your swimming pool. Unidentified leaks can result in water loss over the course of the winter that can permanently damage the pool cover and the structure of the pool itself.

Closing your swimming pool at the right time will help to lessen the amount of work that will be needed next spring to get your pool in top shape for the summer.  In addition, it will help to extend the life of your pool.

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